Past Weekend…… and????

This past weekend was spent in Burlington NC. Julia had competition with her environmental group from school. It was fun and I only wish it would have lasted longer. I was able to do some shooting while I was out there. I found a dam with a waterfall that was very therapeutic at times. I even found an abandoned cotton mill that was built back in the 1800’s. This mill was huge and was once part of a great community.

This place was really exciting, even though I was wondering around it alone. I was going to venture inside, but I chicken out and stayed on the outside and tried to grab as much photos as I could. Julia enjoyed herself and we made our way back into Swansboro Saturday evening.

Sunday rolled around and my dad was back in the hospital and today he is being transported to St. Vincent’s in Little Rock, AR. I have become numb to everything that has been going on with my life this year. I will go days without saying a word and then it all comes out. Today is one of those days, loosing my grandfather, almost loosing my other grandfather, my sister has marital problems but working them out, my parents loosing their house, and my dad now in the hospital. I try to get out of the house but find myself coming back home and sleeping. It seems that is what I do best these days. Uggghh . I don’t feel like myself anymore and can’t seem to find the rhythm to care.

Praying that it gets better real soon. I can not take anything else going wrong.


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