This year has been the worst year I can ever remember. My family has been hit yet with another catastrophe. I received a phone call around 1am Sunday morning with the horrible news. My home that i grew up in, my parents home of 24 years burnt to the ground. It was a total loss, nothing was salvageable. apparently it was an electrical fire. This house was old to begin with and I am surprised that it lasted this long. I still can’t grasp the fact that everything is gone, inside and out. I thank the Lord everyday though that my parents are ok and even positive about it. Us kids are falling apart though.. This is the front porch of the house.

Front porch steps.

I keep looking at these pictures and just trying to catch myself from falling apart. It is so unreal that it is gone. I try to pinpoint what I can see and where the furniture was and everything else.

Back of House/Mom&Dads Room

Back of House/Metal Roof is all that is left.

I have so many memories of this house. Here are just a few.


My family is ok and trying to stay strong.


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