Tired of being Tired….


Soooo Tired

This past week and the weeks to come have been and will be extremely busy. I have been working on my clinical Practicums for Elementary Education, going back and forth to the dentist, school work, and house work. Halloween is over and now I await for Thanksgiving. The girls will be leaving on the 21 to see their dad. I’m not sure if I have to pick them up on the 27th or the 29th, that part is up in the air. Either way I will have a couple of days to relax without all the noise. I will be headed down to Wilmington on the day I drop them off at the airport, will definitely hit some pubs, good food, and maybe walk down by the waterfront if it’s not too cold. I also have to set up another date for my Praxis I test, cross my fingers I pass this time around. Needless to say, if I can find time for myself within the next two weeks, it will be a miracle.

Well here are a few pictures from Halloween and Julia’s first Orchestra concert…. I have to get back to the books…






So Michelle took some pictures of the concert and she wanted me to post some of them.. Here are a few.jewslpract





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