Fun Without The Sun

The weekend went pretty well, went to the pub Friday night and enjoyed some good beer and good company. Woke up the next morning and we were off to Wilmington for the JDRF Walk for the Cure. The girls had a good time, free food, fun, and games as always, even though the weather was a little unorganized.100_4053



100_4087 Julia, shop at Mayfare Town Center

100_4064Michelle, trying to do the warm up exercises

Sunday was busy as well, with church, classes and choir. The weather turned and the temperature dropped and the rain came in on Monday morning., which has come and gone, as well as my fist half day observation. My first day went well, even though all I did was observe. Third graders are not as bad as I made them out to be. On to the next half day, many, many more to come.. Time to go to bed.. Exhausted, This weekend is going to be hectic as well, Fall Festival church on Friday, and of course Halloween on Saturday, and church on Sunday. whewww.. Busy, busy, busy.

I think I might take a walk on the beach in the morning, depending on the weather of course


Beach Tracks


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