Cooler Weather

It has been a week since the Oktoberfest at Harrikas’ Brew Haus. I had a great time, enjoyed free food, bee10102009126r, and great live music from the My Three Kilts band. Here are a couple of shots of the festival. It was extremely hot that day, but now the cooler weather is rolling in this weekend.


The week has come and gone, including the weekend. Went to the pub last nigh and it was completly dead. Just me and a friend was there and no one else but the staff. I think it was too cold out. 🙂 I took Michelle to her fall festival on Friday night and Julia went as well. They had a good time of course, as I chased each one around trying to keep tabs on them. I couldn’t keep up with Michelle long enough to get a picture, she was chasing down a boy.. OH NO!!!


10162009148So, the weekend is over and Monday is upon us. I have to get my in class observation scheduled, go to my Upper Level Divison interview, dental appointments, etc… It never ends. I’m counting down the days until Nov 21… This will be my break time.. I’m already exausted from writing this, but I have to keep blogging and updating as I go. Well got to get going, I have a baby shower to prepare for. Everyone try to stay warm it’s a cold one out there.. Brrrrrrrrr


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