End of the Season


I awoke the other morning to a beautiful pink sky in my backyard. It was a great day to take a brisk walk along the beach. I took my camera out this time around, knowing that I have seen everything before. The season has come to an end and everything that was once packed full of people are now empty. The once loud noises of kids laughing and running around, is now silent, and bare.ClosedForSeason

Empty Bumper Boats


Closed Track

Like I alway do, I walked out to Bouge Pier, watched the fisherman bring in what ever they could catch for the day, and continued on my way back. It was a peaceful walk, among all the spiders above the tree lines.


Saturday is here and we had the blessing of the animals at church this morning. It was nice, and even quite considering all the animals that were there. I had to keep Jaucie at bay, so Michelle was in charge of taking pictures. Here are a few she took, she captured some great ones.





The girls are going out to a birthday party tonight so I have some time too myself. Going to the pub for some great music, great beer, and some great friends.

God Bless Everyone and have a Peaceful Weekend.



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