Ready To Camp before Winter Sets In..

It has been a very long week and the weekend seemed to inch its way even slower. I have spent almost all weekend working on my ECU classes and they still never end. Monday has come and gone and I am longing for the weekend already. I’m planning on going camping one last time before winter sets in. Flanners Beach closes its gates on Decrmber 1st, and a few stay open year round but I like this one. It’s quiet and has many trails and a beach to sit on and watch the sun rise and set. I need to get away for awhile. I will try to get the girls to go with me, if not, they can stay with friends and I will go by myself. 100_3595I have a week to myself in November not sure what I will do. Have to be somewhere that has WiFi..  🙂 sad really. I am running out of steam and I still have a long way to go but once this semester is over, it will slow down, its just getting to that point. Girls are staying pretty busy, school, choir, bake sales, softball, church classes. And, I bought Julia the Guitar Hero World Tour band kit and now we have started a band (Online Dummies).. Jewls is on the drums I am on the guitar and Michelle is the lead singer.. hahah…  Its fun… Well got to get some dinner than going bed early for me..


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