Julia will be 11 years old tomorrow. Eleven years, makes you wonder where it all has gone. Tomorrow will be a family night out, she loves the #1 China Buffet in Jacksonville so it’s dinner in China town. This weekend has been pretty busy and I don’t forsee it slowing down. Had a small get together for Julia yesterday at the beach, it wasn’t too bad. The weather was nice and the beach wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be.

100_3972 100_3959

It’s been a tough week and I really need some time off. My emotions have been pushed to the brink and I have worn myself out, and now I am the 6th grade Catechist for my churches faith formation class, which is a good thing. I have been wanting to get more involved in my church and building up my faith. I have to go in on Wednesday morning to meet with Father Don about getting more involved also. so we will see what that has to offer. Church was really great today, it always seems to help when everything around you tends to fall apart. Maybe now I will feel like I have some kind of purpose.

God Bless.. 🙂


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