Sun is Finally Shining… :)

It is Tuesday September 8th. I am sitting in my living room enjoying the sun coming through my kitchen window. Yesterday was a long dreary, cold, and rainy day. It’s been awhile since I have posted anything new, and to tell you the truth nothing really has changed in my life. I’m three weeks into school and steadily moving ahead. Both of my girls are on the right track with their studies and I am now in search of a violin for Julia. She has joined the orchestra at her school and I’m in need of108542330_b0edc24840a 1/2″ violin..I’m not sure if I want to buy one because she may hit a growth spurt and I would have to go out and find another one….. Her birthday is this month and she will be 11…. WOW…. It’s all going by so fast.. I might just go ahead and buy one.. Instead of paying 25 a month just pay 100 and it’s hers. Not sure yet.. She is excited about it and so am I. Her first concert is on Oct 27, during a Holloween contest.. Sounds fun.. Michelle is doing great as well. She is in the super kids club and loving it. They both will be starting their Religious Ed classes soon and we have a get together this Sunday for the start of the new year at St. Mildred.

We went over to a friend of mine last weekend and played around with some new lights she got in. It was a lot of fun to just shoot and practice with all of the equipment. Here are a few shots of the girls, you can tell that Michelle is always the goofy one :

IMG_0031IMG_0045 Not sure what we are going to do this weekend. Maybe see if the pub has any live music or maybe go to Mac Daddy’s for some
football. Yeah… GOOOOO Broncos..     Undecided at this point.  Well I better get back to my classes, I have a couple more papers and posts to work on. I hope everyone enjoys the sun today.. Hoping it lasts awhile.  It looks like it’s about to let loose again.



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