It’s Loud Again.

100_3794I picked up the girls Tuesday night from RDU it was great to see them coming out of the gate.  It’s now been four days since the girls have been home and I’m already exhausted. It has been raining since Tuesday.  Although they have been with their friend from across the street for the most part (not surprised) it still is great to have them home. I now have to get back into the swing of things, and get them ready for school. I myself have to prepare for the upcoming fall semester with ECU and CCC. I have a full schedule ahead and I am ready to get this semester out of the way. After this semester I can breath a little easier knowing I will only be going part time.  I would like to get the girls out one more time before everything starts, maybe camping or even a trip to Myrtle Beach not sure yet. It’s still raining today and muggy outside. I really have no plans for the weekend but hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get out and do something.



I took them to the aquarium yesterday and they had a good time. It was packed with people trying to get some indoor fun time since it was raining outside.  We made the best of it and afterwards went to the pub fo some dinner and a quick drink.


Here we are outside the Aquarium. Of course Michelle has eyes closed


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