Finally they come Home!!!

100_2200I pick up my girls tomorrow night around 630 from Raliegh. I can not tell you how excited I am to get them back home. It seems like they have been gone forever and it has only been about two months since I have seen them. From what I hear they have had a great time with their dad and are kind of ready to come home. I was talking to them this morning and of course Mihelle said she wanted me and her dad to get back together. This is an obvious response from a 9 year old who doesn’t quite understand the situation. We talked and everything went well and I know once school starts and we get back into our routines things will be just fine.

This was my last weekend to myself, and I can say that I had a fabulous time. I was able to visit some new places and enjoy some great food. All in all it was a great ending to my summer.

Cape Fear Wine

Both the girls and I start school on the 25th so we have a couple of days to relax and get things situated before the world becomes crazy once again…… This semester is going to be very busy and I can’t see much time to myself, which is ok…


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