Bear Island Camping


100_3682I have returned from Bear Island yesterday and I am in a state of relinquishing control to any and everything that is utterly out of my hands. I arrived on the island on Tuesday around 4:00 and hiked the rest of the way in. By the time I got to my camp site and all set up it was around 4:45.. It was late in the day and I decided to munch on some cheese and drink a bottle of water while sitting on top of the dunes over looking the ocean. The island was empty except for the few campers that were scattered over the island. It was nice to get away, although alone once again. It was a beautiful day, the weather was nice, very breezy. The bugs were even hiding, at least until morning when I had to pack out. Bear Island is always a nice place to go to think, and not have to worry about the fast pace of life’s problems, it’s the coming back that is hard to do. The nights out here are quite and the mornings are breathtaking. I was able to go for a swim while the sun was setting and no one was even out on the beach on either side of me. You could possibly pull off a quick little skinny dip if you were brave enough 🙂 (not me). 100_3731

I trekked my way to the bathrooms before calling it a night and when I returned to camp, I found some kind of animal trying to get into my tent. I’m assuming it was a fox, I hope. Needless to say I was slightly restless the whole night. I moved at every little sound. The crabs weren’t helping either I could here them running around the tent clasping their claws at whatever they could find. Even though the night was eventful it was astonishingly relaxing. It was about three years ago next month that I set foot on Bear Island alone, trying to find my way through my life. This is where my big decisions are made and I found myself trying again to find my way. I have my good days and bad days, just like everyone else I suspect. It was good to get away from it all though. I hope to make one more trip, camping or something for a weekend before everything starts getting insane. My birthday is next week and well, another year goes by.

Bear Island Sunrise

Bear Island Sunrise

Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner



Table Inside Tent

Table Inside Tent

Girls will be back on the 11th of August and in all actuality I’m looking forward to it. I miss them dearly and I can’t even attempt to imagine myself without them much longer. School will be kicking in and this will keep me busy, I definitely need something to keep my mind moving. This will be a tough semester for me, juggling two colleges at once. All for one main goal, which is among many goals that I have accomplished but unable to do anything with at this point in time.



I have been talking to a few people (teachers), and they are telling me that teachers are getting laid off and it’s becoming harder and harder to find a teaching job these days. So with that said I wonder if I should rethink my options, things might change in two years. ???  Now I don’t know..  I have invested all my time and energy into this new life changing project. I have joined a fantastic church, the girls are starting school soon, and I will be starting ECU in a couple of weeks. What to do and where to go from here, is my question???????

Using Holga

Using Holga


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  1. mousesurfer says:

    Love the third and fourth ones. Nice photos.

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