New Adventure!!!

Monday the 13th day of July. I have been in a mood for a about a week now and can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that everything has changed in my life. I find myself drifting toward the idea of moving to Colorado more and more each day. 100_0255Although I have a great opportunity here to go to ECU, and get my teaching degree, it’s going to take awhile to achieve. I finally received news about the Pell Grant and others so I’m all set for the fall. My summer class has just ended and I finished with a B.. I’m happy with that, knowing that it was a Dev Psych class all on-line in 8 weeks, I think I did pretty well. This fall will be very demanding on me, three classes with ECU and two with Carteret, all on-line.


House of Blues Inner Wall

Now I need to concentrate on getting back on track with my emotions. They tend to run me into the ground sometimes. I took off to Myrtle Beach on Saturday for the day and I am going to drive up the coast here in the next couple of days or maybe next week not sure. It’s raining terribly now so I’m not sure how the weather is for the remainder of the week.


House of Blues

It’s funny sometimes, you look at your life and think that you have everything you need, and than you realize you have nothing at all or it would seem that way. I sit here in my home wondering if this is what I truly want out of life. I have come to a point in my life that I’m just not satisfied anymore. I’m not satisfied with way I feel, the way I give in and than knowing what will happen next but trying to ignore it anyway. I can say that I am a strong person but you can only take so much and than you have to walk away. I have gone from a crazy marriage to a bitter divorce and into what I thought was a great relationship, which in fact wasn’t a relationship at all. I need to look at people much better, not get involved anymore, take care of myself and my kids and not rely on anybody else. Anyway enough with the rambling.

Here are some more pics of Myrtle Beach enjoy 🙂


House Blues of Courtyard


House Blues of Entrance


Senor Frog Grand Strand MB




Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville


Fat Tuesday's

Blarney Stone

Blarney Stone


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