Getting Older……..

I realize that I am a little bit of a hypocrite when it comes to age. I may say that age doesn’t matter in a lot of things, but as for your health you have to be very careful. I have let myself go and I’m done sitting on my butt. I have made a decision to loose 10 lbs and start feeling good about myself again. I have come to a realization that even though things may happen that might slow you down in life, you should never give up on yourself. In some peoples eyes I may look fine but I’m definitely not happy with myself and that in itself is damaging. My birthday is this month and even though I am young I feel old. Old in a sense of knowing that my oldest is going into the 6th grade and my youngest is about 2 inches away from being taller than me.


Is this a midlife crisis I think not, just a realty check. I have to be happy with myself before someone can be happy with me even with all the baggage that I have to bring. Although I have many good friends and a fabulous family I’m still at times get lost in thought of the past and afraid of what the future might bring, if anything at all. I here so many people complain about the economy and the politics of the world that I fall into their clutches and find myself struggling to get back up. I wonder why they tend to dwell so much on the negative when they should take advantage of what they have right in front of them because sooner or later it will be gone. And then what do they have left to do but to play the what if game and that doesn’t work. It’s been over two weeks now with out my girls and it’s not so bad. I do miss them, but being on my own has made me realize I have to do better for myself in order to do better for my girls.

I look forward to the new and improved me. Hopefully by the time Julia and Michelle gets back in August I will have a new outlook on life and can honestly say that I am happy with the way things are working out. As a good friend of mine would say GOD is in control, he is exactly right. Until next time keep Smiling 🙂

“Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.”


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