It’s Final

0611091606-01It’s Saturday and I’m now officially divorced. Not to say that divorce is a good thing, but it is a new beginning. I have been contemplating my life and where it is headed. I will have a whole month without the girls, and I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to some peace and quite. I hope to do some camping and just hang out with friends and looking for a job as well. I am sitting outside the library since it closed at 3 (sucks) squeezing out as much Internet service as I can. I got all caught up with my online class and bills, and now updating my blog for the last time until I get into Arkansas. We leave either on Tuesday or Wednesday I haven’t made up my mind yet. I have nothing to do here so I think we will leave on Tuesday, I am getting excited to get on the road. Anyway it’s hot out here and I’m headed to hang out with some friends this evening. Look for my next post from the great state of Arkansas…….. :0


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