Long Week Ahead……

toadily-insaneIt is the beginning of a long week. I’m starting off my day at the coffee shop, loading up on some caffeine and checking my emails and blackboard work. I have been without Internet for the whole weekend as well as being in a slump with no sense of urgency to get out of. I am moving a little bit quicker this morning knowing the fact that my ex is probably in town already. We have talked very little and I’m not sure what the outcome is going to be after the 10th but I will be as civil as I can, for the kids sake obviously.

Today will be a busy day, after leaving the coffee shop I have to cook for Julia’s class party today. They are having a Mexican fiesta, so I’m cooking a casserole. Than I have to clean and prepare for Tim to get here this afternoon. Probably go out to eat or he will take the girls for a little while not sure. Nothing going on tomorrow, just working and doing research on my paper for my Developmental Psych.. class.. (fun)

Wednesday will be extremely busy and I’m looking forward to Thursday, it needs to get here quick. I have ordered some film for my Holga and can’t wait to get into the camera for my trip next week. Even though my class is moving so fast I need to get away from everyone and everything. I’m trying my best to give everyone their space, and learn to except what I cannot change no matter how bad I want them to. So with that said, this is probably why I’m in such a slump, go figure?????

My dad is doing so much better and hopefully he will be released from the hospital this week. I can’t wait to get on the road and just go. The drive will be long but I’m looking forward to it.. I will stop along the way and get some shooting in hopefully, if time permits. I would like t make it at least in to Nashville by the evening of the 17th… nashville-skyline-11Nashville TN Waterfront

If I have enough money and time I plan on staying in Nashville on my way back for a couple of days. Who knows I will play it by ear. I will post more soon 🙂


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