Glimmer of Light

It is Thursday and the semester is over. I have conquered three on line classes which include, Psychology, Introduction to Becoming a Teacher, and Health. On line classes are no joke and each one was very consistent and content filled. Summer is here and I have a little window of peace until my next on line class starts on the 19th. Last Sunday was the girls first Communion and they looked so pretty in their dresses.


Took the kids fishing last Saturday, tried to fish while fighting away the bugs. It was a beautiful day and we had ourselves a picnic which was nice. I love to just sit outside and enjoy the weather when it is cooperating. 100_3169

I hope the weather holds up for this week. I plan on doing some shooting and possibly buying a Holga, I’m really geting into the whole dreamy look of true black and white film these days. I’ll also take my digital as well, never leave home without it. Might make some modifications to the Holga¬† 3150427145_77ea2178f5

and get some really neat jagged edges shots. I just want to try something new and get back into doing what I love. Being able to get away and shoot takes a lot of pressure of my daily routines. Life can be tricky, you need to walk away every once in awhile and try to evaluate what is most important. I definitely need to do that more often.

Looks like it might rain today, so I better be going. Would love to see the sun come out sometime today.