The Time Has Come?

img_0014My time has come to an end with Carteret Community College. I have been working for the faculty for almost a year now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have learned so much and made so many new friends. It was an awesome experience to work for and learn from the best. I can only hope that what I have learned will help me in the future as I become a teacher myself. I’m definitely not saying goodbye but moving on hopefully being able to start a new adventure. I’m still attending school but I will no longer be working there, for now.

The girls first communion is this Sunday. It will be a great ceremony for everyone.8_up_first_communion_keepsake_sacred-boyI’m very proud of them and myself for coming this far and opening our hearts to God. It is a amazing feeling and I couldn’t ask for anything else. Life truly is in His hands and what ever path He chooses I’m willing to follow. Life is what you make it and you have to take the bad with the good to really truly live. It seems to me that too many people miss out on the major things in life because they are scared to take a chance. Taking chances is all part of life and it would be boring without them. My life is going fairly well, and I’m on a good path for myself. Everything is falling into place, and I hope that it continues to improve as time goes on. We will see, I can only do the best I can with what I got and hope that that is enough. Choosing the right path is not always easy to do, but giving up is not an option for me either.

I have found some pictures of my (brothers) dog Diezel the other day. I find myself wondering how he is and what he is doing. I do miss him but I think honestly I would rather not know and just hold onto the memories that I do have. 02790025

I’m going to have a couple of months off so I plan on going to the beach and the gym. Get back into shape and start feeling better about myself. Also going back home in June, by the way my other brother Charles is going to be a new daddy. So we all have to get a family picture before we all go off to other sides of the world. (Timmy, Seattle), (Diane, Arkansas), (Me, NC), (Charlie, NC for now).. So… I’m excited, it’s been awhile. The girls will be with there grandma and grandpa for a couple of weeks in June than it’s off to see there dad. Anyway, going to try to go fishing tomorrow, found a neat place nice and quite. img_0060



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