easter-vigil1Easter Vigil was Saturday night at St. Mildred’s Catholic Church in Swansboro. The RCIA group and also four kids including my own were baptized into the Catholic Faith. It was the most beautiful and emotional ceremony that I have ever been in. Besides becoming a Marine, becoming a Catholic is hard to explain, I have connection that I can’t put to words. I find myself drawn to the faith and wanting to do more and get involved more. GOD has filled a void in my life that nobody can fill. I know now that yes I am in control of the things that I do but GOD is ultimately in control. Easter 2009 is a rebirth for my family, it is the time to sit back and reflect and enjoy the things to come. I’m looking forward to getting involved with the church and getting closer to GOD.


RCIA Class/ Now Neophytescommunion

Easter Weekend was nice, enjoyed a moving ceremony along with the whole Holy Week. Spent time with my brother, and of course my kids. Kicked back at the Pub after church and had a beer or two with Patrick. He introduced me to the Catholic Faith, and I’m very blessed to have him in my life. The girls spent all day Sunday with friends, enjoying Easter egg hunts, candy, snow cones, spaghetti, and more. I went to church and it was standing room only. It was a great service and Wotchec was always as comical as he can be. julia


The clouds were out and the weather was so beautiful, so I began taking random shots around the house.I started to stack filters on my lens and experimenting with the settings on my digital camera. I also loaded my AE1 with Infrared film, started popping off shots and after about 7 I realized I forgot to add a red filter. It’s been awhile since I shot infrared. I didn’t have a filter to fit, so I just held one up in front to the lens. We will see how that comes out when I develop it. I have a couple of rolls of black and white film that I need to develop also, I’m really looking forward to doing that, hopefully next week.








Jaucie in the Kitchen……

Hope every ones Easter went well. Take Care and God Bless!!!!!!!!!



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