Roller Coaster Ride…

My week has been a roller coaster ride, full of all kinds of emotions some that I have never even felt before. Let’s just say that I have never felt more uncomfortable in my own home and neighborhood than these past couple of days. My privacy was invaded and I felt as if I had lost control of what was going on in my life. It only takes one person for you to realize that you shouldn’t let your guard down for nothing. I myself can say that I have no intentions on letting my guard down anymore. But with that said the situation has been taken care of and I am so very grateful for the special people in my life. mojo1The girls and me did some dog sitting these past couple of days. We were able to get away from the house and take a break from all of the weirdness going on. It was nice to get away and feel safe and secure again. It’s sad when something happens and you can’t feel safe in your own home. But everything is looking up and hopefully the weather will get better soon.bear-island-052 I’m looking forward to going to the beach and camping this year. Work is still in full swing as is school. I won’t know until next month if I have been accepted into the teaching program at ECU. I have been accepted to the college itself and I have passed the necessary requirements for the program, but I just have to wait and see. I will continue to take classes and get as much done as I possibly can to reach this other goal in my life. It’s necessary for me to continue because I need this for me as well as my girl’s future.

img_0524April is around the corner and soon school will be out. Spring break is winding down for me and the girls will have theirs after Easter. If everything goes well and I can pay off some bills and get comfortably caught up, I will take them camping or down to Myrtle Beach for a couple of days. Who knows, it all has to depend on money, which is in very short supply these days.outer_banks_nc_home

I’m still house hunting as well. The apartment has suited its purpose and I am now in desperate need for a bigger place. The girls need their own bedrooms and I myself need more space. As for Jaucie I am keeping her, having her here with us makes me feel much safer, and that helps me sleep a little bit better at night. She is a hand full but if you get to know her she is the biggest baby, and fun to play with. She also needs a bigger yard to run and play in as well.
So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers daily. I know things will work out; they always do in some way. I know that God is in control, and he has a path for me, even though I may not know it yet.
It’s getting to be about that time, have to get moving and head out of town for the day. Hope everyone is safe and sound and staying warm on this dreary day.
Take Care,


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