The Finish Line….

img_0060l It is Sunday night and I have a little glimpse of an internet signal so I’m taking the opportunity to update my blog. It’s been a pretty hectic month and from here on out until April, I will be busy, busy, busy. My life has been like a Nascar Race, going around in circles with brief pit stops along the way. I find myself trying to reach the finish line still intact. Mid March will be my breaking point to the finish line hopefully. After April, my life will start over, my divorce will be final, I will be part of a community of great people and a loving God. Also, my lease is up and I can choose to stay or go. I have been looking around for a house to rent, needless to say I need more space. The apartment is ok, but the girls need something bigger and a better area. There are no kids here that they can play with and me well I’m feeling a little bit confined. I love Swansboro, it’s quiet and the sunset and sunrises are beautiful, breathtaking as a matter of fact. But who knows what will happen tomorrow. I’m keeping my eyes and heart open to new adventures. I have the love of my family and friends to guide me through what ever life may bring. Life can bring some unexpected changes and ones that you wait patiently for. So, it’s early in the evening and I need to eat. If you know me, well I like to eat. Okay so…… hope everyone had a great Valentines day with the one they love.

Until Next Time….. Take Care and Keep Smiling. šŸ™‚


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