It has been a long week and I’m doing an early post. Normally I update on the weekends but, I’m here at the coffee shop and it’s warm and well I’ve decided to do a post. I have been reading a lot lately and found a book called The Secret. secrets

It is very interesting to say the least. Basically if you follow what the book tells you to do, you can obtain about anything you want out of life.  ??????????  Really not sure about that one. I’m pretty sceptical about it, to just admit to yourself what you want and keep saying that to yourself and eventually you will get it.  Yes I agree on keeping a positive attitude, but there are certain things that you can work so hard for and you just can’t obtain it. But I’m not saying to not try. You have to at least try. SO…. I’d like to know who has read this book and has obtained what they were asking for. Feel free to reply I’m interested in hearing some feed back on this topic. 🙂


One thought on “ALL I WANT……

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t get any responses with this post. I love the secret. Check out the movie. It works for me and it looks like ti works for you too by your post on Wed.. you can make the life you want by believing in it I think.
    PS I’m adding you as a flickr friend cause your photography is great
    peace n abundance

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