Spill the Beans….

I sit here at my new home, a coffee shop “Spill the Beans” just down the road from the house. Not sure on how long this one will last but it is so warm and cozy. The coffee is good and the free Wifi is a life saver, considering I no longer have “free” Internet at home. This weekend has been good, spent Friday night with the girls and watched some movies. The sun never made it’s way out on Saturday and it was cold, but we still managed to have a descent day.

knights2_webWent over to a friends house and chilled for a little while. We took the girls out the the Maritime Museum were they had the Knights of the Black Flag on display, and than out for fudge. Oh and hot chocolate,  jeez they have it made I would like to say.

Went to religious classes and then mass this morning. It was a great class today, we are in the process of learning about the Sacraments and the steps towards Baptism.  Life seems to work itself out and this process just gives me hope that I can live my life better and teach my kids the same. I have to learn to just sit back and let life go. Take it one day at a time, live every moment to the best that I can and smile because whatever happens happens. I can accept the way things are and not get lost in the thought of trying to change them. “If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be”.

I am all caught up with my on line classes, also I am trying to work ahead as much as possible so I don’t get behind. The classes are going well and I haven’t had any kind of trouble so far.  It’s getting to be about that time now and I’m getting tired, it has been a long day and I am in need of a much needed nap. I can here my nice warm bed calling my name as I sit here with my eyes half way shut. Another weekend is over and a whole new week is about to start. I can’t wait until it starts to warm up and I can get back out to the beaches and enjoy some much needed down time with friends. I might even consider going out to Bear Island and roughing it for a little while or even to Ocracoke not sure, many choices. It all has to do with timing and of course “MONEY”.  Money is always the key..


The girls will be spending a month in Indiana this summer with their dad so I’m in the planning stage for that and haven’t decided yet on what I will be doing. I will be taking a couple more classes on line, but since they are on line I can go anywhere (almost) and not worry about missing any classes. So whether it be just staying here or going to some far away place it will be great to not have to worry and just let my mind go for at least a little while.  It’s time for me to go, can’t stay awake much longer.. Going to cook some chicken this evening for dinner so I have to be on my toes for that.

Until next Time.. Always remember to SMILE    🙂


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