Beach Fun….

It’s Monday evening and I have just finished up with dinner. This past weekend was a busy weekend and this week has started off busy as well. I’ve been working hard on this new path of mine. I went down to Wilmington today to take the Praxis test, which I now have to wait for the results to come in in about three weeks. Friday night was spent working on my classes and getting settled into the blackboard. Saturday night, Charlie came over with his dirt bike and messed around on it while I went out for a little relaxation.

100_2619 Sunday was the first day of religious classes for me and the girls and it went pretty well. Sunday evening was filled with celebrating a birthday and eating a fabulous dinner.  It’s nice to kick back and relax with some great company and enjoy walking on the beach and having fun.

Girls enjoyed themselves and I can only hope that I can have more weekends to just sit back and not have to worry. Sooner or later I know they will come and in the mean time  I will continue to try to free my mind once Friday’s get here.

100_2614Michelle Being Michelle…


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