It Has Begun!!……

newcameras72I spent the last day of the break relaxing, going to church, and taking my girls out to shoot with their new 35mm cameras. I also was very thankful for a great vacation, even though short I think I had so much time to just sit and think about what path I am ready to venture on. church

The first week of January has begun. I have been on the go since 9 a.m. and still going. So many things rolling through my head, school, work, kids, faith, life ect…. Never seems to end. I feel like I never even had a break, although as great as it was and as much as I didn’t want it to end we all have to get back to the real world I guess. I sit here and think of how much I have done to get to this point. The things that I think I want, I work so hard for just to turn around and do something completely different, because it’s the most economical thing to do at the time. As for work I’m still working part time and very very thankful for all the support and help that I am given. Kids, well kids will be kids, they know exactly what buttons to push and let me tell you, they like to push them. Life, as for right now “One day at a time”, who knows. My way of thinking is that if what you do now makes you content and less likely to fall into despair than keep doing it. Life is a mystery and things change, people change, times change, change is inevitable. Church, I have made a big step into my religious faith as well as with my girls. The girls are now enrolled in religious classes with St. Mildreds  as I in RCIA classes in Swansboro. We have been going to Sunday mass for about a couple of months now and are enjoying it. Big step I think, I’m pretty nervous not sure why, maybe it’s because it’s a “change”, like I said change is inevitable.

rain72School, now I’m trying to get into the teaching program to pursue an elementary teaching degree which will hopefully grow into teaching art and so on. This is also a big step considering all the ideas and paths I have taken to get this far has turned into something out of the ordinary for me. Which means I must continue on another path but will still keep my main goal in focus as I look forward to the finish line, continuing to learn as much as I can along the way. Photography is what I know, everything along the way is just another journey, a journey that I can hopefully one day say, it was well worth all the frustration and constant hours of reading, studying, fighting for time for me, fighting time for the girls, and friends, ect…


How I wish life could be so simple as a great dinner at Howards Pub or a nice walk on the beach or even some simple time to just sit back and read a book. Every now and than we all have those moments and it’s those moments that keeps us going. Keeps us craving for more of those special moments that seem to set our soul free even for just that brief and unique second.



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