2009 is here!!!!!!!!!


Swansboro NC Sunset.

2009 is here! I hope everyone had a safe and eventful New Year. I picked up my girls Wednesday night and we brought in the new year by playing guitar hero, games and reading until 12 rolled around. We all crawled into bed after that and slept in the following morning. I would like to say that it is nice to have them home, it felt so empty without them here. We have a couple of packages to pick up tomorrow and that will be it for the gifts. The Christmas tree will come down this weekend and will be put away until December. 2008 has come and gone, now we look to a new year and hope for the best. There were many great things that this past year has brought. I graduated and now working on getting by Bachelors. My little brother has a little girl who by the way shares Julia’s birthday. My next to youngest brother Charlie has a great job and has a steady relationship that is going very well. My sister just got engaged and is very excited, she deserves to be happy. My family is doing well and I wish them the very best in this new year. My nephew and his wife just had a little girl right before the new year, so congrats to them. AS For me.. I look to 2009 for a new start on things. I have been blessed with so many things, that 2008 has not been all that bad, considering the circumstances.


I sit here this morning waiting for my coffee to finish up, thinking about the days ahead. Work starts on Monday, I have to search for another part time job, which is a lot harder than I had presumed it to be. I will be starting all my applications for school trying to get everything in motion to see where I will be when fall rolls in. My views has changed somewhat with what I want to do and what I need to do. Not because I’ve changed my mind but because this is the most economical and sensible route to take. I love photography and everything about it, so with that said my mind is still set on getting a Masters but how I get there will be a rough road.


Happy New Year To All!!!!



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