Alone on a Sunday Morning…

I had an eventful week to say the least. I finished up work on Thursday and started packing for Julia and Michelle’s trip to Indiana to see their dad. Thursday night their Uncle and Hannah came over for some dinner and for some pre Christmas gift unwrapping. Julia received the new Spiderwick books, which by the way she has already read book 1 and will work on book 2 when she comes back home. She is such an avid book reader I’m so proud of her. Michelle also received books that I thought she would like and she did. She isn’t into books that much, but she is getting there slowly.

100_2388Charlie brought over the Guitar Hero for them from the whole family. They went crazy and of course they wanted to play it right away but it was getting late so we watched Harry and the Henderson’s 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I seen that movie and it was so funny to watch the girls enjoy it. It was a good night and we had a lot of food to eat, I haven’t cooked for many people in awhile so it was nice to get into the kitchen and prepare a pretty good sized meal. I love cooking even though I am not so conceptual with it I still have fun none the less. Usually I will put some good music on turn it up grab a glass of wine or beer and cook away, I relax that way knowing I’m having family and friends over. . The night went well and I can say that the girls had a great time.

100_2390 As you can tell Michelle wouldn’t let go of the game. I will be hooking it up while they are away so they can play it when they get back. I’m planning on getting a TV and cable as an extra surprise for them. I myself can survive without TV, although I do miss watching nascar and football at times but these days TV is just sad. There is too much for me to worry about in my life than to turn on the TV and get bombarded with all the crap that is going on in this world that is out of my control. But anyway enough with that, Friday was a good day also. “Santa” 🙂 dropped off a few gifts for Julia and Michelle and this was the highlight of the night.

100_2414They were so excited and insisted on riding them, even in the dark. With helmets and all they took off down the road to shoe thieir friend who was leaving on Saturday. They all came riding the bikes up and down the road screaming and laughing and having such a good time. Patrick looked like he had a great time also, just being able to “Deliver” 🙂 the bikes made his day as well. So we all sat back later had some dinner and watched the girls open the rest of their gifts and just took the night in. 100_2419


100_2416Everyone seemed to have fun and we all were able to enjoy an early Christmas celebration even though it was small and not so traditional. My life has changed and I have to start my own traditions now I suppose, and if I can get family and great friends together to celebrate them with that is all that matters to me. Having the people that mean the most to you around during these special moments is what makes life worth while. Knowing the girls had a great time and the see the smiles on their faces is all I need to get me through the day.

After everything was said and done their Uncle dropped them off to see a friend before leaving for Raleigh the next day. I in the mean time cleaned up the mess at the house, finished packing, and went out for a beer or two…. Went to my favorite place the Yacht club, spent some down time with Patrick, we (or he) kicked butt playing pool, met some good people and again had some free food. It’s always nice to just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere with the people around you.

100_2421Saturday morning came too fast, and I thought I was ready to say goodbye, even if it was only for a week or two. I can honestly say I don’t know how I would be if I couldn’t see my girls on a regular basis. This makes me think about their dad and what he has to go through each and every day without them. Makes me sad but we try to cope and I do everything I can to give them chances to be together. I left that morning to pick them up and head up to the airport in Raleigh. Their flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 3 and we got there at about 1 which gave us time to check in and eat some lunch before boarding.

100_2426 We found a little place by the terminals and sat down and had a bite to eat. Julia loves her A&W… We all had hamburgers and french fries.. Gotta have the fries, they are my favorite. We finished up and walked down to the gates, just to find out that their flight had been delayed. So we found a place to sit and waited.

100_2431Michelle fell asleep while Julia finished up her book that she just got the night before. it was going on 3 and the plane was on it’s way. So I took out my little point and shoot and just started to take funny pictures. Michelle woke up and deceded to act silly while Julia well just was Julia.



100_2439 The plane finally arrived and I could feel my throat tighten and I knew that if I said one word I would loose it. They announced for all passengers with preboarding slips to come up first and we walked up to the gates. I gave them both a big hug and kiss and told them that I loved them, trying to hold back the tears. Julia asked if I was going to be alone for Christmas, I said no and that I wanted them to have fun with daddy and that i will call them later. Michelle was so excited and was intent on getting on the plane, as for Julia she kepted looking backwards as she walked down the entrance to the plane to see if I was still there. I regrouped and waited for their plane to load. As soon as it started to taxi onto the runway the tightness came back into my throat and as I looked at plane take off I turned around with tears in my eyes and walked away.

And that was my day, it was a lot harder than I had imagined and now even as I write this a few tears come down. I will see them in a week but for me it will feel like forever. We all in all honesty need a break though and they need to be with their dad. So with all this going on, I am now ready for a shower and church. Hopefully the day will clear up and I can get moving. It is supposed to get colder here in the next few days so I have to prepare for that, also hoping to get out of this house and possibly leave for a couple of days. Do some shooting and relaxing and just breathe.

Until Next Time, Always Remember to Smile.



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