Almost Break Time..

It’s the end of another work week. This past week has been hard, full of goodbyes and lots of unanswered questions. My friends are all on thier way or already to accomplishing new things. Saying goodbye is never easy and although it gets better in time, goodbye is still goodbye. But I can say this that when it is time to say hello again in that one and awaiting moment everything seems to turn out right. There are many obstacles that have to be overcome to acheive what you strive for and put your heart into. Me and the girls spent the weekend together just being lazy and going to the pub and enjoying each other. They leave for their dads this coming weekend. Even though it is Christmas and I would love for them to be with me, I and I know they need a break from each  other. I love them dearly but being a single mom with really no one to just take them for a weekend is very hard. Me time is very hard to come by.

100_2377We went out today and the three of us got our hair cuts. Feels great to change something and start fresh again. Going to start going to the gym and getting back into shape. Iv’e actually lost five pounds, but have no idea where it went. Must be the stress amongst other things. :

Looking forward to the break and having some time to go out and enjoy the area and take lots of photos and sleep in and go out and have a beer when I want to. I’m very excited.

100_2381 100_2383

I have to finish up some work on Monday and Tuesday than it’s time for a break. I have finished my Christmas shopping and will probably have a little family get together on Friday. Julia and Michelle will open gifts and we will sit back have some wine and dinner and relax. Than Saturday I will take them to the airport.It’s kind of scary that they will be flying by themselves.  But it’s only an hour and they will be taken care of. With that said, I’m pretty tired, so I will get going for now.

Until next time, take care and Keep Smiling 🙂


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