Saying Goodbye

100_2346This weekend has been filled with celebration of a new business and saying goodbye to some great friends. Goodbyes never seem to get easier, but I know that with the way technology is today we will never loose touch with one another. It has been a great ride and I hope that they all to will find their place and enjoy the next big adventure. I enjoyed the time spent with the ones I care most about and it was nice to see everyone smile and relax and not worry about whatever is going on other than spending time with friends. Two more weeks of work and Christmas break is here. Girls will be leaving on the 20th and we plan on having a little get together on the 19th to celebrate Christmas with their Uncle and possibly some special friends. Need to get some more shopping done and I can honestly say that I will be finished  with all the shopping.  All in all it was a good weekend. Time well spent. Going to go to church today and  spend some more quality time with some friends. Get some pictures taken of me and the girls for some Christmas cards and their dad and we will call it a day.  100_2351

Special and Dear Friends……….


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