Saturday Nov 29th, 2008

It’s Saturday morning and another week has gone by. I have been able to trade my Durango, sell my brothers car, signed my separation paper work and now I have a possible buyer for my bike. Also I have a job offer in California, only a 30 day contract so I have to call them on Monday to see what all the details are. I also had a photo shoot this past week and made a good amount of money to cover Christmas for the girls. Now I can do it on my own and I don’t have to rely on anybody. All in all I say I had a pretty productive week being that it was also Thanksgiving. On Wednesday I took the girls up to the Natural Science and Marbles Kids Museums.

100_2213 I enjoyed the Natural Science museum, although there wasn’t nothing new but fun all the same. They had a butterfly room with tons of butterflies and a sloth, which was hiding so we couldn’t see it. The museum also had the Dead Sea Scrolls on exhibit, I would have liked to  have seen them but the girls weren’t that interested and it was to expensive to just walk through in five minutes. So we walked around and looked at some weird and nasty bugs and big huge dinosaurs. We spent about two hours there and headed over to the Marble Museum and hung out there for almost five hours.


It was nice to hang out with the kids away from the normality that we all fall into in our lives. Life is stressful enough, to try to get away from it all is almost impossible. It being Thanksgiving weekend I was very thankful for my kids and my family. All my family and friends were spread out this year, West coast, East coast, North, South, ect……… so it was hard to be just us and even then it still didn’t feel right.



The Marbles Museum was the kids favorite, everything was hands on and interactive. They had so much fun, I had fun just watching them having fun.



They love chess, Cody a friend of mine taught them how to play and they have loved it ever since. They tried to play a game but other kids were interested in the size of the game pieces that they wanted to play to. There were so many things for them to do I just let them loose and followed behind.

100_2306 100_2250Julia dressed up as a doctor, fireman, chef, actress, ect. Michelle did the same and was all over the place but she was very aware of where I was at all times which made me feel good.

We spent the better part of the day at the museum, got lost in Raleigh (only I can do that). Made it out and back home by 6 o’clock. I was so tired that I crashed as soon as I hit the couch.

They had fun which is all that matters to me, they are my life and that will never change. We are a packaged deal.

Chef Julia

Chef Julia

Michelle in Telephone Booth

Michelle in Telephone Booth



Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus




We went over to my brothers girlfriends house to shoot some pictures and have some food. It was good to see my brother, even though we live only 30 minutes away from each other, work, kids and other life’s endeavours keeps us pretty busy. We went to the Christmas Flotilla last night in town, Reanna and her family met us out there. We had some dinner and watched the boats roll in all decorated with lights. Tomorrow we will go to church and try to finish off the weekend on a good note before the beginning of December. The girls dad is trying to get them out to Indiana two days earlier than what was planned but that is ok with me even though I will be alone for Christmas this year. They need to spend as much time as they can with their dad and I need to spend some me time to figure out how to function being alone for the holidays.



I cant’ believe that this year is almost over, I have no idea where it has gone. I’m looking forward to some kind of change in my life. I’m hoping for the good and obviously not the bad. Patrick comes back from NY this weekend, after spending some quality time with his family. Can’t wait to catch up with him to see how he is doing. Well got to get moving, it is a dreary day today so have to do something. Probably clean as usual.

Until next time. Take Care and Always Remember to Smile 🙂


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