SPE Regional 2008..


This years SPE conference took place at Randolph Community College in Asheboro NC. I had left Friday morning and I just got home around 8pm Sunday. It went very well, even though we had to drive everywhere, and getting lost every time 🙂 We had free food, wine, and beer of which I had way too much of Saturday night and as of today I am taking a sabatical from all the wine and beer. It was a great conference met some fantastic photographers and mingled with the best of them. Also got catch up with some friends that I have met at the past two conferences. galleryThese things are awesome, it makes me want more out of life and pushes me to try to achieve what I’m so desperately wanting to do. It also has given me some choices of where I want my life to go. Past couple of weeks have been rough to say the least, December is rolling around the corner and I have to find a real full time job in January while sending out college apps, to see who wants me. Patrick’s daughter Andei went with us and was so excited about new ideas, cameras, and meeting some great photographers as well.sam-and-aspiring-arti-spe-08


Outside Hotel


I’m constantly being bombarded with school, jobs, kids, life, love or not to love… ect. It all give me a headache and I was hoping to put all that behind me for just one weekend.. Not possible, still worried about kids, thought about to love or not to love and had Diezel come back home. I was able to relax though a little on Saturday night, had some wine and great food, and talked about art, colleges, and of course, life and the future. I will post pictures soon, as of right now I am exhausted and going to bed, hopefully to dream and find answers to some of the questions that I need to ask sooner or later.


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