Election and Holiday Thoughts

68357465_73e275655fWell with everyone going nuts about the elections and skipping Thanksgiving and going straight into Christmas, I can honestly say that I’m ready for the New Year. I’m ready for a new start and hoping the holidays come and go faster than what they are. Reason being, I was in Walmart today and all I could hear was Christmas music.. ughhhhh.. Not saying that I don’t like Christmas but, all I can think about is being alone and not having my kids with me. It’s really not what I’m looking forward to. But I’m looking for gifts and getting some money saved up for extra stuff for them. The elections are wearing on every ones minds and even though I should care, I don’t. I have so many things to worry about than who is lying about whom and who did this and that to whomever. It’s all a game about who can lie the best and who can get everyone to believe them. Then once in office they back out of everything they promise.. Always happens.. so I try to take care of my kids and myself and love the ones who care the most about us. Yes I’m voting tomorrow morning to get it over with, for whom……. Who knows yet I will figure it out at the polls.voting_booth_polls_election_nim

SO I’m not going to be the one to ask .Who did you vote for.. That’s like asking sooo do you love me yes or no.. Obama or McCain…

Nope not me.. I will not ask or tell…

GOOD LUCK.. And GOD Speed…



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