New Photography Series in the works….

I’m lying in bed just thinking about two new series that I am putting together. I’m really excited to get started and to go out and shoot and capture the essence of my new idea. Which by the way just hit me while I was driving down the road yesterday. One series is something that I have had already and I’m just building off of it and hopefully here in the next month I can get a showing in New Bern at the Bank of the Arts.

The other series, the one that just hit me while driving is actually going to be my third portfolio, second if you want to call it fine art. I’m not going to go into detail, I’m trying to keep it a secret until I can get some work prints finished and I can post them for some opinions. So with that said and that it is almost 11pm I guess I should sign off for now… Keep checking in, by next week I should hopefully have some work to show…. 🙂


One thought on “New Photography Series in the works….

  1. Hi awesome photograph love what you have done, its a great inspiration for my own work…

    cheers Rob

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