Summer is Over!!!!!

          Summer is officially over and fall is creeping it’s way in. Although I’m partial to summer the coolness of the fall air is so inviting. I’m looking forward to wrapping myself up in a blanket on the beach and watch a sunset or two while drinking some wine and relax while  taking it all in and think of a summer that seemed to go on forever. Or maybe get a beach house for a weekend, I think the best time is in the off season, it’s not crowded and it’s not hot. It’s cheaper too, which is always nice given the fact that the gas prices are bleeding me dry.. Julia’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, she will be ten (scary thought). Her grandparents are thinking of coming out.. to pick up their uncle and visit while they are here. That will make her day. This year is almost over and I have no idea where it has gone. I sit back and think what in the world did I do. I’m seriously thinking of the future and trying to lay out my plans. If you think about it though plans change day by day, but if I can set some goals and reach them than no matter how slowly it goes it should all work out.

Would like to try and take a run up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe do some camping

and fishing (looks like a good place to swim)  one weekend before it gets too cold.  It is so beautiful when the leaves start to change. I could also possibly just go to Bear Island not too many trees just sand but beautiful none the less. I also want to do some shooting, I really haven’t devoted some real personal time to my photography, and I think that if I can just get out and have the time to actually look, see and feel I can be me. Have to make plans for the girls to go see their dad for Christmas, I promised him he could have them this year since he was gone last year. So I have to figure out what I’m going to do when they head out. Not quite sure on that one, definitely have to start saving some $$$$$ though. So that is what’s going on now.. Trying to take day by day, survive the oncoming hurricanes that are on their way in and be happy as much as possible. 🙂


One thought on “Summer is Over!!!!!

  1. Matt George says:

    Wonderful set of photos. Goals certainly do help. I hope all turns out well with the hurricane. Great blog you have here.

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