Beginning of the Fall Semester…

   I’m sitting here in my bedroom enjoying a beer and thinking of how odd it is to not be attending the fall semester. I think about how much time has gone by, and all the friends that have come and gone.



Sitting here I’m also amazed at the fact that I have a great job that allows me to be with friends and coworkers that mean so much to me. I’m in the process of doing research on colleges that will help me achieve my next goal in life and that is my Bachelors degree. Where and when is also my objectives, also $$$$$ is a necessity for this goal. 

   So with that said, I am concentrating on my job and my girls. They start school on the 26th and I think that I am more excited about that than they are. So while they are in school I will be working and attempting to try for a second job just to cover the basics as they arise.      Started on some painting this weekend, felt really good to put something on the canvas. Trying something different this time, don’t have a plan or a still life, just going with the flow and see where it ends up. Using a lot of color this time, I find myself in a happier place than when I started to paint. I can see all the darks that I began with not so much disappear but fade and now I’m more vibrant with colors. It’s getting better as time goes on and as for me, just like always I have my good days and bad days, but I can now say that I’m having more good days than bad…. Until next time  🙂


One thought on “Beginning of the Fall Semester…

  1. Larry says:

    Hi Shannon! Congratulations on graduating! What are you doing now? I see you have a job of some kind.. What is it?

    I am still in school..taking photo history to finish my degree, and mowing lawns. Are you ever at the school?

    See ya. God bless, Larry

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