I stand here, looking at a home that once was full of laughter at some times and tears at others. A home that was built on the idea that it would stand the test of time, and that it would take an act of nature to tear it apart. Though nature did not tear this home apart, it was human nature that drove the occupants in a different direction. Although love is still present it is not the same love that was brought into it to begin with. I’m without words, and I see years of hard work  slip away with every item that is sold. Pieces of me and of him and of the girls. I know that this part of my life is over and things just wasn’t meant to be. There were some fantastic times and I will never forget them, and even though he and I are moving on he will remain in my life forever. He is the father of the two most amazing girls in my life.        They give me strength to move on and to try to remain strong and steadfast. It’s in them that I survive. Knowing that all the material things in life are nothing compared to the love that everyone deserves and the love that they give me is keeping me sane. 



    The house is almost empty and it’s coming to an end. Life is so precious and unpredictable and in order to look forward you need to at least recognize the past. Remember the good times and cherish them, keep them close because those times are a part of who you are.Than you can move forward and make new memories and more good times. I’m trying  to keep a positive attitude, and smile in times of heart ache. I guess it’s easier said than done, but yet I’m still trying. The girls will be starting a new school in the fall and hopefully they can adjust with no problems. I’m sure it will be harder for me than them. With my school coming to an end I find myself searching for my way into this hectic world. I have the most amazing friends anyone could ask for and I will remain by their side as they are on mine. Looking out the window in my new place of almost 4 months now, I keep hearing my grandmother and mother tell me “This to shall pass”. And then I ask the question, how long do I have to wait for it to pass? Does anyone know the answer to this mystery of a question, if so please do tell. And so as I wait for it all to pass I can only hope for the best for Tim. I wish him all the luck, love and everything else that I know he will find out there. As for me, again always a struggle and will never be perfect by no means but I will always and forever strive to smile.


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