Day at the Park……….

Spent Thusday night at the Kinston Indians game with a bunch of fabulous freinds. It’s hard to get everyone together these days and for just a couple of hours we all laughed and talked and had a great time. With the lines being so long and the heat from the sun bearing down it was just long enough for us to get the shots we needed.

So we took off and did what we knew best, shoot, shoot, shoot. We were led by our fearless leader in crime and the master of art himself Patrick Keough. Podcasting as he goes and haveing fun in doing it no doubt. Going here and there to get the perfect angles we all roamed. It was fun and I hope to do it again or just get together with everyone every once in awhile and share stories and laugh and play.


      Friday night was interesting to say the least. Met up with some friends and had a couple of beers and some good food. Joked about the Marine Corps and talked about Nascar. We sat there watching the qualifying for the Sanoma Rd race on Sunday, Kasey Khane took the pole.. (Better than Kyle Busch) I’m still trying to adjust to all of the new feelings that come with being alone. It’s getting better, and surviving is all that I can do for the moment. Think I will relax today, maybe go out to the beach this afternoon or to the pier, who knows. This week should be the week Tim figures out if he is leaving for Indiana or not, he is still undecided. We will see, me well as I said before I’m a work in progress waiting for the moments that take my breath away. 🙂





One thought on “Day at the Park……….

  1. Laura Machado says:

    You know even though we don’t get to spend much time together, I do tresure the days that we do. Hopefully we won’t be stranger’s after we graduate. Who know’s maybe one day we will all work together and be a very powerful team. But Shannon you hold a very dear spot in my heart and I am glad that we are friends.

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