Amazing Sight……

So I decided to take a stroll out to Bouge Pier this evening to kill some time, and relax. It just got through raining and usually it is humid and hot but it was nice and the breeze coming off the water was almost sensual.I had my camera (never leave home without it) and was taking some shots from the pier. Jelly fish were everywhere and people were catching fish left and right. So I’m taking pictures and enjoying the smell of the sea and the mist of the water blowing off the ocean, and hitting my face when all of a sudden I see people run to the other side  of the pier, so I in turn head that way. And this is amazing sight…..

A school of sting ray just minding their own business and taking a stroll as well in the Atlantic. There must have been about 50 or more and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. I’ve seen one or two sting ray, in an aquarium of course but never like this. It was breathtaking, and made my evening. I absolutely love it here, the beaches, piers, the people. It’s my home, and I love it. 



One thought on “Amazing Sight……

  1. awesome to see so many sting rays in their on environment
    right on
    peace n abundance

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