Weekend Events…….

       Spent Friday evening on the Morehead City waterfront with the girls. Not much going on and wasn’t able to catch a glimpse of any Marlins. Although it was slow we had a good time, hung out and watched the fireworks. Had dinner at the Ice house and some ice cream  to chill us out a little. The girls were able to get their pictures on line, check out the link Right Here We are popularTook Julia, Michelle and their friend out to the Mud Bog on Saturday, whewww it was a hot one. Wasn’t that good this week, but they had fun.

It’ Sunday morning and I’m lying in bed contemplating my life once again. Girls are asleep and will be up and moving here soon. Today is Fathers Day so they will go over to their Dads later. I really have nothing planned for today, going to do a little work and probably clean my house. Oh, and finally start putting my dresser together. 

Sunday’s are hard for me, I’m not exactly sure why. Graduation is around the corner and in a way I’m ready. I’m ready to get my life in order and hopefully, finally, be able to move on. It always gets worse before it gets better and I am so ready for the better. I’ve lost touch with someone special here in the past month and I hope to regain that connection soon. I think this is the piece that is missing, even though my life is crazy, knowing that we can talk to one another and bring about a feeling of tranquility was always nice. We have a way to make each other smile when we need it the most and smiles are hard to come by these days. Not sure on if the feelings are mutual anymore, but our friendship is strong and Determination and Persistence (to a certain extent) is the key to achieving what you want.  Okay so it’s a never ending battle and we all need to just let go and live for those moments. Sometimes what you really need is right in front of you and you just can’t see it. Open your eyes and heart and live, or you truly can’t enjoy the time spent here on Earth. I’m ready to live, how about YOU?.

Well time to cook some breakfast and get started on the day………………………


Until Next Time Take Care and Keep Smiling 🙂




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