Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!!

       I’m up again, and it’s late into the evening. I can say that I had a good day though. It was a little rough this morning, waking up to an empty house. I’m so used to being with my girls that I wanted to hug and kiss Michelle the moment I woke up to tell her Happy Birthday and how much I love her. Even though I was able to talk to her, it still wasn’t the same. It’s her 8th birthday, seems odd to me that she is this old already. She is bigger than her older sister and almost as tall as I am (Scary). Birthday went well, we all went out as a family with no arguing and had a good night. 


Took her to Golden Coral, than to Chucky Cheese to play some games.After all the fun at Chucky’s we headed back to the house where we had cake and opened presents. An uneventful but tranquil finish for the eveing. 



I try to make everyday that I have my kids worth while. And I hope that they will understand that things do get better with time and happiness can be achieved. I love you Michelle and Happy Birthday.




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