Productive Weekend…

I would say this has been a pretty hectic, and productive weekend. I was busy from Friday up until now. Which by the way is about 9:40 in the pm. Girls are all snuggled in their bunks listening to some music, while I type away on my life line. Spent Friday on the bike pretty much the whole day, hit the pub that evening, met some cool people and made some more friends which is always nice.

 Saturday was filled with ball games and scorching heat. Baseball games started the day at 9am and ended with kids falling out with heat exhaustion and cranky, angry parents. Than we were off to Summersill for a softball game at 4:30, which by the grace of God was canceled, wouldn’t you know it “heat” go figure?… Off to an end of the season party that ended at 8pm and sent me to the pub for a beer, than home straight to bed…. Needless to say Saturday was an ongoing day of chaos.. Today was not so bad though, went out bought the girls a slip n slide, and they had a ball. Went out to Fort Macon to a friends house and took a dip in the pool, girls loved it, me of course sun burnt as usual. Never fails, I stand out for 5min and I’m a tomato.

Now I’m just worn out and have to work tomorrow. Although I have many things going on in my life right now and it’s hard for me to sit and concentrate, I know that I love my work. I look forward to it and that is a plus these days. I’m glad my weekend was busy, I love my down time but my mind tends to wonder when I’m alone. I guess I need to go to bed, I can hear my girls snoring so it’s time for lights out..

Until Next time Take Care and Keep Smiling 🙂

                           Jewls Cardinals 08 “What a Smile”




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