It’s Late in the Evening…

So I’m up way past by bed time and I’m trying so desperately to sleep. My mind is racing about so many things right now I can’t seem to slow down. Had a rough night out, needless to say my personal life is in shambles. I can’t think straight tonight and even though I have family and friends that care I lean more towards this portable life line of mine. This mechanical box that with out it I would possibly just be. I’m working hard and diligently trying to make my girls happy and myself of course. It kills me to see them hurt in such a way, and I’m constantly telling myself that it’s not all my fault. My mind races and my heart is going into so many directions that sometimes I find myself wondering if maybe I should just walk away……………. I’m trying and it’s hard to KEEP a smile on my face when everything around me tends to fall apart. The two things that are keeping me afloat is one.. my girls.. and two.. my love and passion for my work (photography). These are the things that I live for and strive so hard for. Although I am struggling with my inner peace, I find comfort in knowing that I to have the support of few but precious people in my life. If I were to call them right now they would try to give me some kind of solitude in the goodness that life can bring and that it will get better in time. As you can see this is one of those dreadfull days and I hope that I can get past it. Weekend is near and I hope to see some of my friends so I can tell them how much they mean to me. With that said I will try to get some sleep tonight and start a fresh day tomorrow. Hopefully I can take my own advice and Keep Smiling 🙂

Until Next TIme, Live Every Moment Like It Was Your Last.


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