A Weekend Without…..


      Ok so I have been away from my girls for the past week and including this weekend. For the first time I finally feel alone. Tried to occupy my time with work and some odds and ends but still to no avail,… alone.. I’m not saying that being alone is bad all I’m saying is that sometimes it’s good to have someone around.

        Last night I had ventured out to the pub for some good food and good music. It was great, I was able to eat, drink, and even watch the Nationwide series (last year was the Busch seris). Met some wonderfull people and I am making quite a few new friends, looks like this is going to my stomping ground as you would say. 

   So today after a descent night, I tried to go to the beach, and well lets just say that I hate crowded beaches and that was just an understatement from what I have seen today.. I found a spot to sit for about an hour before I got tired of looking in circles and all I could see was people. At least I could say that I wasn’t alone today.

    So I will try to go and find a place to sit and watch the Sprint Cup (Coca Cola 600) tonight in Charlotte NC. Lowes Motor Speedway.

Not quite sure where but we will see. I get to pick up the girls tomorrow and I get them all week, including the weekend. I’m looking forward to it. GO DALE JR..