The Ones Who Matter Most…..

In this so called life, 
you don’t get the people you want, 
you get people you need… 
to teach you.
to hurt you.
to love you.
to make you cry.
to make you laugh.
to make you excatly the person you should be. 

Choose a path that is right for you and that makes you smile each and every day 🙂


One thought on “The Ones Who Matter Most…..

  1. keoughp says:

    Wow Shannon! I am really, REALLY impressed with your BloG and the deep, thoughtful “bare it all” poetic content in your posts. I absolutely LOVE your shots of Bogue Pier – you are an incredible photographer and arTist – you are paying those very, VERY PAINFUL dues that EvEry ArTist must pay IF he/she is going to break new ground and bust through the facade that we as human beings create for ourselves to survive in this weird, crazy and confusing world. Keep making photographs, keep writing, keep painting, keep dreaming, keep loving those 2 great girls of yours, keep striving, keep pushing, keep believing in yourself and most of all….keep a POSITIVE attitude about LIFE and LOVE and FAMILY and that mysterious great GOD that runs this show we call LIFE.

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