Gloomy Day Ahead….

   Well the weather is not cooperating much today, gloomy, wet and just plain nasty. I have the girls and they are enjoying the new PlayStation that I had bought just for these kinds of days. It’s pretty interesting but I’m still not sold on the whole gaming thing. I have grown accustomed to not having a TV.. I have a projector to watch movies every now and than and this is what they are using. I get my local news and everyday info from my computer.. A life without TV is not so bad, at least for me now my kids on the other hand that is a sore subject. (It’s good for them though) 🙂

Definitely don’t want them turning into a couch potato.

   It came with two microphones and a pop star karaoke style game. You can sing for fun, compete with one another and see who can sing better or just have fun..

It’s keeping them pretty busy but driving me insane (what was I thinking)… 🙂


Not much to do when it is raining outside. So I guess I have to go with it and keep my mind busy without going crazy..  This is my last week of break and I will start my last semester of school. I have a couple of jobs lined up and hopefully I can keep myself going as long as I can. 



To all of the Mother’s out there I wish everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day.