Life Lost……..?

This past weekend has been a tough one, makes me just want to run away at times and start over from scratch. A really good friend of my sisters and of mine lost her baby and she her self is not doing so well. I’m not a very religious type of person, not to say that I don’t believe but nonetheless, I have been praying for her and her family and of course asking all the whys, and what ifs, but not getting many answers. Life is so precious, and we all take it for granted at times,  myself included. It takes every bit of me to not dwell on the negatives these days but they creep in and grab ahold and it’s very hard to find a way out. I will hold my girls a little bit tighter and love them with all of my heart and know that if everything falls apart I will always have them by my side. And I will try to tell them that things happen for a reason and that none of us can explain it. It is said that out of sadness comes happiness, and that time makes things better. 


Chris Tomlin – Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

I find myself thinking at times why do we strive so hard, to just be let down in the end. You try to live each day for the better and you work hard and try to love with all of your heart and soul, for what? Obviously today has just begun and hopefully I can get out of this slump. (Not Sure).. I’m looking for a way out I guess and I’m almost to the point of just throwing in the towel. I’m praying for the Sanders family and keeping them close to my heart and hope that they find some type of comfort in knowing that they are loved and thought about. In times of such great sadness you need to know that people care and are concerned. You need to hear it every-once in awhile that you are not alone, and that life will go on no matter what the circumstance and that there are true and honest people that will stick with you through it all. 


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