The End is Near…

Today was the last day of photo classes until the summer semester. It’s all coming to a close and it seems as though I had just begun. August will be here soon, I will graduate and from there who knows. ECU, SCAD, Charlotte, Appalachian not quite sure. Or I can work for a while and get my foot in the door, more questions than answers and  I’m not used to not knowing what is supposed to happen next. The future is untold and unplanned, I can sit here and say that I am honestly ok with that, but with that being said I’d like some kind of direction. I have met some great people along the way and I hope that they will remain in my life. Life is hard enough as it is, having friends makes it all worth while. Here is too the future and to what ever it may hold. Life is a challenge, without challenge it would be boring. I say challenge yourself, take chances, hold on to the ones that care, and most of all live for you the rest will fall into place. And always, always REMEMBER TO SMILE 🙂



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