This is My Now

It’s Sunday morning and the weekend is almost over and I am wondering where it has gone. It’s hard to try live in a moment when the moment comes and goes way to quickly but with that being said you will always have that moment to cherish.  I have my kids today and will attempt to go out and have a good time considering that bad weather is back again. Although I am standing in my kitchen looking out the window and the sun is peaking it’s way through the clouds so it just might be a good day after all. I am moving slowly this morning and waiting impatiently for my coffee to be done while thinking about all the projects that I have to finish up this week and trying so desperately to fit them into my schedule. Baseball and softball are in full force and I have been nominated to be the team mom for my oldest daughters baseball team. I’m considering it though my schedule is way to tight as it is, but I just might be able to pull it off. Hoping to plan a weekend here in the next week or two filled with photography and maybe some painting, I miss being able to go out and shoot and not have to worry about everything else around me…. One thing though about this new place of mine is that when we came home last night and pulled into the drive way we were met by deer running in my backyard, my girls loved it.  I grew up in the country and I hadn’t realized how much I missed that until now…. Well my coffee is finally done and I can get moving.

Until next time take care and Keep Smiling… 🙂


One thought on “This is My Now

  1. keoughp says:

    You BloG is looking great Shannon! Great template and overall design. Keep up the good work! Patrick

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